Thursday, April 28, 2005

Ritalin relapse 

I've decided to get back on the Ritalin wagon to help with fatigue. I was on it for a while before (don't remember how long I took it, I would have to consult my journal) but I stopped taking it because of the side affects. Now, some people might view this as a benefit but I started to loose weight, a lot of weight. The stuff made me loose my appetite. My motto was always "If you're not hungry, don't eat." So, I didn't eat, and didn't eat, and didn't eat. It took me quite a while to figure out what was going on but by then it was too late. I know this is hard for some people to believe but in starvation you get to a point where you almost *can't* eat. I had to force myself to eat and I could only consume small amounts before getting sick but this was when I had become totally emaciated. I was an involuntary anorexic although I was told that I looked great with my cheekbones accentuated the way they were. Oh but Ritalin gave me energy and it helped me stay awake.

I want to stop drinking coffee because it's so unhealthy and soda is loaded with calories and other nasty crap. Tea is nice but I would need a continuous IV drip to get a perk from it. I think Ritalin is my only choice now. I'm going to be very careful with it though. Make sure to eat everyday and cut the pills in half. Today was day one and I feel soooo much more alert than I have in ages.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

God Bless Canada 

For all the many reason there are to hate Canada this is one reason to love those crazy, gun-toting canucks. A marijuana spray called Sativex that treats MS related pain is now legal there. Here is a little excerpt from my favorite on-line MS resource ThisisMS.com

A liquid spray containing the active elements of marijuana has been approved in
Canada for the treatment of nerve pain associated with multiple sclerosis. The therapy, called Sativex and marketed by Bayer and GW Pharmaceuticals, is not yet
available anywhere else, though approval in the UK is widely expected in the next year.

In clinical trials, Sativex showed significant pain relief versus placebo, as well as a reduction in pain-related sleep disorders. The drug is administered by a spray into the mouth and patients can avoid the mind-altering "side effects" of marijuana by adjusting their dosing.

"Effective pain control and management are extremely important in a disease like MS," said Dr. Allan Gordon, Neurologist and Director of the Wasser Pain Management Centre, Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto, Ontario. "The approval of Sativex in Canada reflects the urgent need for additional treatment options in the field of neuropathic pain in MS."

My only question here is why the hell would you want to avoid the mind-altering "side effects"??? With all the pain that we MS'rs endure why not give us a little *fricken* fun, huh?

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Join me won't you? 

In an effort to stop Canada's ruthless practice of clubbing baby seals I too am joining the nationwide boycott of Canadian seafood. Seafood in the grocery stores are now clearly labeled with the country of origin so it should be no problem at all. Join me won't you?

Friday, April 08, 2005

Walking on pins and needles 

I've begun taking 30 to 45 minute walks on my lunch break and weather permitting, in the evenings as well. It's been three weeks now and I've gone religiously everyday but here's the problem; my feet feel awful. After walking briskly for about 20 minutes the pins and needles kick in. Imagine having your soles mildly electrocuted constantly and then walk on them with that feeling. It doesn't go away until I sit down. I'm not going to let it stop me from getting exercise (my legs and ass are already starting to firm up nicely!) but it's a peculiar feeling that I don't think most people can relate to.

Aaaand shifting gears for a minute, I've invented a new word. Verocious. It's a combination of ferocious and voracious. It's meaning is something about being violently avid.

"I have a verocious appetite for hot asian men. If anyone gets between me and that hot guy at the end of the bar I'll stick a fork in their eye."

"Your honor my client has always had a verocious affinity for livestock."

Feel free to pepper your conversations liberally with it.

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