Sunday, October 19, 2008

Reasonable and Accomodating 

I'm into my third week at my new job and it's going great! I like my co-workers, my boss, the corporate culture and my first presentation to a group of directors was met with a great deal of enthusiasm and respect - over all a very satisfying moment in my career diary. There is so much to learn and as anyone who has transitioned into a new position can testify, it's extremely exhausting, even for a completely healthy normal person - which I'm not. The Provigil helps a lot but it would still be a nearly impossible task without the benefit of daily naps. At my old job it only took about ten minutes tops to get home during my lunch hour but it takes twice as long to get home now. Before they hired me I informed my new employer about my condition and the fact that I have hypersomnia and need to rest frequently. I am soooo glad I told them! In order to accommodate me I get an hour and a half for lunch so that I have enough time to get home, eat and rest. I think that's pretty reasonable don't you? So far it's working out but the roads are dry and I'm not sure whats going to happen when winter hits and the roads permanently ice over. I suppose I'll just have to cross that glacier when it gets here.


Saturday, October 04, 2008

My new job 

I just completed the first week of my new job. As with any job change there is a lot of new information to absorb. The HR department is a lot bigger which means more new names and faces to memorize, unfamiliar database systems to conquer and new expectations as well. I've always spent the majority of my time interfacing with a computer but now I'll be equally involved with project management. I'll be dealing with people. Sure, I spend plenty of time with friends so I haven't lost all of my social skills but I don't have to wear my "professional" hat around them. I can express myself freely with only the most gauzy social filters in place. I'm going to be spending more time in meetings, leading projects, Christ! I'll be asked my opinion on stuff!!! And not just things like, "Who do you think is funnier Chris in accounting or that lady in the mail room?" but real issues that affect business processes and budgets. I'm finally getting paid to do more than push buttons and maintain order in the land of databases, I'm getting paid to *think*! Hey don't laugh. Do you get paid to think? You do? Oh.

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