Friday, April 03, 2009

this is not about MS 

Alright, two things. First, I realize it's been a long time since I've blogged. I've been busy with work, play and life and it's all good. Second, the following post will have nothing to do with MS.

My dear friend Trisha told me she thought I should write about this topic so this one's for you!

A couple years ago I decided I wanted to find out what life would be like as a blond. Do blonds get treated like air-heads? Are women more catty? Do they get preferential treatment? And the biggest question of all - do blonds have more fun?

The answer is complicated one. As a blond it was quite apparent that men expected me to be submissive and dumb but all I had to do was tell them what I do for a living and their attitudes changed to one of amazement. Like, wow, she's a cute blond AND she's smart. Will wonders never cease? It was easy enough to sus these dupes out. Then there is the problem of catty women. Yeah, you heard me. With my natural shade of auburn, women didn't seem nearly as intimidated as they are with me as a blond. The back stabbing, cold shoulder, bitchiness has been a huge obstacle to get around, because I like making friends ya know? Do blonds get preferential treatment? You bet they do! I found it easier to get tables at busy restaurants even when I didn't have a reservation, or people want to give us free stuff or they want to do things for you.

As a blond, I got way more attention from men. But as any numbers person will tell you, volume does not equal quality. It's a guarantee that when I go out to a party or a bar I will get hit on however it doesn't mean that with the attention and flattery comes sincerity or honesty. So, I'm done with my little experiment. I'm going back to auburn and happily back to hanging out quietly while my other cute, blond friends get the attention. It's been fun but I can live without the blond factor.

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