Sunday, April 27, 2008

My first nightmare 

Last night I went to the St. Paul Art Crawl. If you've never done it...well it's too late this year but next year go, it's the best place to check out the local art scene, meet interesting people and get great deals on original art work. There are many buildings involved in this event and on the brochure it tells you which buildings are handicap accessible. To my utter dismay one of the buildings I went to did not have a working elevator although it claimed to be accessible - LIES LIES LIES!!! According to the "Out of Order" sign, the elevator had been out of commission since last September 2007! WTF?

I think because of that experience I also had my first MS related nightmare last night. I dreamt that my MS had gotten worse and that I was stuck in a wheelchair. The entire dream sequence took place at the Walker Museum, it was getting late and my brother had abandoned me there. I had no way to get home since I couldn't drive and to make matters worse I suddenly realized that there was no way to get out of the building by wheelchair (how I got into the building in the first place never came up, you know how dreams are). The Walker employees were horrible people who mocked me and treated me like a retard (yeah, I know the word "retard" is politically incorrect, so bite me :P)

I've never had a dream like it. In my dreams I don't have MS. In my dreams I'm healthy and dexterous and I know kung fu, and I can run or fly or melt into walls or see the future or talk to animals or visit pets long dead but never am I sick with MS. Man, that really sucked.

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