Monday, April 14, 2008

Bitter much? 

Naw, not most of the time. It finally occurred to me that I might be coming off as a more bitter and angry person than I really am. Ya see, when I'm happy or content or just relaxed (which I am most of the time), I'm experiencing those things in the moment and I share it with the people around me. The blog is where I come to talk about difficult subjects that wouldn't be appropriate to share on an everyday basis. The blog is my tool to vent just as my paintings are. How boring would it be if I waxed romantically about how much I enjoy hanging out on my porch sipping iced coffees on sunny summer mornings? Yeah, pretty dull. I dare not inflict my daily personal MS grind on my friends! That's what therapists and blogs are for oh yeah and art. So, in case there is any doubt here is some happy blogging crap about my life.

I LOVE my house and garden. It rocks! All of it. The house just turned 100 years old this year. Little by little the garden is starting to take on a distinct character, one that I've been working to cultivate for several years; a wild Gothic English garden.

I also LOVE my critters; the little dogs, the little birds and the non-domestic critters that visit my yard too, like the bunnies and hummingbirds in the summertime. My little pets are so fricken adorable and bring me great comfort and joy. See there? Happy stuff.

I am always happy to be amongst my friends of which I have many and I've also recently made some new ones. I love them all and feel grateful for their tolerance.

There is so much in my life that I'm passionate about and take great joy in. Simple things like sunshine, the first robin, the first tulips in bloom, learning a new skill, roller derby, taking pottery classes or joining the Horticulture Society. My life is rich and fulfilling despite being sick and heavily fatigued everyday.

Happy now?

I am gloriously thrilled to see that roller derby brings you happiness.
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