Saturday, January 27, 2007

Rescued Me 

I rescued me. I feel as if I'm taking my first breath in two years. I have fixed some problems that I wasn't even sure were fixable. I have learned to be my own mother, father, wife, husband and friend (the only one of those I actually have in my life is friends). I run a household, fix and tackle home maintenance, take care of my car, go to my doctor appointments and make sure I take my meds, balance a budget, take myself out, buy myself coffee, read to myself and go to funerals where I comfort myself on my own shoulder.

The isolation that results from living with this disease coupled with the limitations imposed by freezing winters is the hardest thing to make peace with. I can't fight isolation any more than I can control my fatigue. But how to make peace and cope with loneliness and isolation? I don't know but just like every obstacle in my life, I'll figure out a way.

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