Friday, November 10, 2006

Rebif Update (and more whining about being tired) 

I'm happy to report that this time around it's a hell of a lot easier to take the Rebif injections. The shots hurt less because of it's improved viscosity and smaller needle. The shots in my ass still hurt like a m*%$#!f*&%@r but still nowhere near as painful as it used to be. The shots in my stomach and legs are *almost* a cake walk.

Ok, here's the whining part - I have noticed an increase in fatigue. I'm unsure if there's a connection though. It's quite possible that my body is just going into hibernation mode, it happens every year. I keep thinking about all those migratory birds flying over our homes every night (birds migrate at night and rest during the day, did you know that?) I think I should migrate. Florida is sounding very appealing right now. Who's with me? Anyone? Anyone?

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