Monday, September 11, 2006

Tysabri Update 

My neurologist managed to convince me that Tysabri isn't the best option for me right now. The risks involved aren't worth it considering my *relatively* low disease progression. Even though I admit she's right it's still disappointing because it was extremely convenient to take Tysabri only once a month unlike Rebif which I had to self inject three times a week. So a few people died after developing a fatal disease linked to the drug... so my "chances" of dying from it too are one in a thousand. I really, really wanted to take Tysabri. Stupid statistics.

Xanthia..honey, listen to me please...I have had MS for 30+years, and I am Tysabri's BIGGEST cheerleader. Read my Blog: (http://lauren-livingwithms-aolcomlglbgl2003.blogspot.com/), including the links on the right sidebar (specifically the article I wrote which was published in the Washington Legal Foundation, and my videotaped testimony before the FDA which was played on 3/7/06 at the Tysabri hearings. It's available for viewing at www.mspatientsforchoice.org/).

You are at GREATER RISK for having a disabling relapse by NOT having Tysabri to protect you..what is WRONG WITH THESE NEUROS???????

Xanthia, please write me at LGLBGL2003@AOL.COM I'm so sorry you are having to go through this, but there IS HOPE FOR YOU WITH TYSABRI! I will help you emotionally and with true and correct info re: Tysabri - honey, don't worry and don't give up your hope...and I don't care what your neuro or anyone else says!

It is going to be ok. Where there is a will, there's a way!

(((hugs))) Lauren :)
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