Wednesday, November 23, 2005


I've thought about this from so many angles and I just can't make sense of Thanksgiving. True I am a vegetarian and an activist for birds so one might call me a little biased however the massive slaughter of turkeys in the name of a holiday that bases itself in the idea of giving thanks seems thoughtless at best and violent at worst. "Hey, I'm so gosh dern thankful for all this crap I can buy at Wal-mart I think I'll kill a turkey and eat till I puke on the cat!" WTF???

If you had the proper attitude of thankfulness for all that you have been blessed with then wouldn't it lead you to the next logical step that you should think about those who aren't nearly as fortunate? For just one day in your selfish, precious, little lives would it hurt to go without, to not only do something for someone less fortunate like provide a meal but to actually not eat? Why is everyone stuffing their faces? What is the bloody point? And don't talk to me about tradition and family togetherness, why not call it what it is? Gluttonous Slaughterday. If you need a holiday to remind you to be thankful then your soul is in need of more than what this day has to offer.

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