Monday, October 10, 2005

You'd be sooo nice to come home to... 

Among my myriad of MS symptoms one of the most painful and difficult to control is muscle spasticity. My muscles tense up involuntarily and it can be very painful. I haven't tolerated medications for it either, they make me feel tired and spacey. A few days ago I bought myself a heated mattress pad (50% off sale!) because it gets chilly in my house and I don't want to turn the heat on yet. This heated mattress pad not only kept me roasty toasty warm but helped to relax my sore muscles too! It didn't cure the problem of course, I'm in pain as I sit here typing this but it did provide a little temporary relief which is better than nothing. I would recommend one of these things to anyone who has spasticity or simply wants to stay a little warmer, I swear it's worth every penny.

On another topic, I recently read an interesting article that discussed connections between smoking (second-hand smoke included!) and the worsening of symptoms in MS'rs and also how smoking appears to increase the likelihood of getting MS. Stick *that* in your pipe and smoke it, all you selfish bastards who claim you aren't harming anyone!

geHI,hope you are felling better at this time,try to remember the many people in a more serious condition than yourself and maybe together we can help the NMSA IN WHATEVER WAY.Try to keep a "happy face" GEORGE
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