Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Pain, pain and more pain 

I painted my porch on Sunday, floor to ceiling. The walls are a lovely light lavender and the floor is a deep rich chocolate brown color. I had some help with it although it wasn't a very big job. Now I'm in excruciating pain. Is it normal for every muscle in your body to ache this way from so little activity? My whole body feels like one huge bruise. This happens anytime I'm active and it usually takes about a week to return to normal. True, I don't exercise much. I just go for walks or take the occasional bike ride but I still don't think this kind of pain is normal. I'm positive it's not. I wonder if it's an MS thing.

Speaking of MS, there's still nothing new to report about Tysabri coming back. If it does I will want to go back on it. The good news is there are some oral drugs in the test phase that might become available in the near future. Since every MS modifier available right now is given by injection, it would be a most welcome alternative. I for one am really getting sick of needles.

Sorry about the muscle pains. Bizarrely I recently had some similar muscle pains after doing some painting. Maybe the fumes interact with the MS! ;-)

On another note I agree with being sick of the injections. For me, much like the MS, it is the package that is the worst. I hate chilling the site (though apparently not enough to get warming packs), the prep, etc. I think the mental getting prepped for the injection is the worst. I want a pill!!!
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