Wednesday, August 10, 2005

I Rant 

Here are some people I really hate.

Guys who tell me I'm girlie like it's a bad thing. Jesus, look at me! Of course I'm girlie you Neanderthals, what was your first fucking clue, the earrings or the lipstick? You mensa candidate of the year! These same guys who say with an undisguised sneer in their voice "jeeze, your girlie". They persecute you for having the very qualities they pursued you for in the first place. Doesn't seem to occur to them that they shouldn't be pursuing someone like me if what they really want is a big hairy Bubba! These are the same men who hate cats because secretly they remind them of women; beautiful, mysterious, independent and stronger than they look. I can only guess at why there are men like that. Maybe they feel threatened because they aren't secure in their own manhood or maybe it's a "must conquer" mind-set.

I was feeling a lot of anger today, that felt great!

What up girlie girl! I know what ya mean. I often get this comment from other girls - wtf! I'm all girl and I love it!
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