Friday, July 01, 2005

Come fly with me...ooor not? 

I'm taking a much deserved break from work. No, I'm not flying back home or going anywhere exotic. In fact I'm staying right here but I'm embarking on an even more exciting, exotic adventure by being someone else for a change. For the next week I'll be hanging out at home, working on house projects, reading, relaxing, painting canvases and in general pretending to be a tortured, moody artist. I'm going hang out at cafes, drink cappuccino's while penning my memoirs. People will pass me envious sly glances because they know I'm writing something very important. I must be because I'm at a cafe and not at a 9-5 job like those poor suckers. I'll spend the evenings drinking wine and creating "pieces" and I'll walk around uptown unshowered in paint spattered tank tops in the middle of the day ensuring my self deluded status as a true artist! Ha! Jealous?

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