Monday, March 21, 2005

Happy Spring? 

Although it doesn't feel like spring the calendar assures me that it is indeed the first day of spring. The longer daylight hours mean I can finally come out of hibernation and my mood really does improve. I'm looking forward to gardening, taking Coco for walks, swimming, biking and uh...searching for a mate...I hear that cute little dogs are good for that but so far she hasn't done me one bit of good in that department.

The weekend went by slowly, I stayed home all day Sunday, could barely get out of bed. I really over did it on Saturday by going to the library for several hours and then hanging out with Jim Taylor from the building in the evening. I really paid for it the next day but I did manage to get up long enough to finish a painting. It's nice that painting requires so little energy. I wanted to get some spring cleaning done but I just couldn't manage it.

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