Thursday, February 17, 2005

Why Can't You Behave? (CVS!) 

Bridgette Reinsmoen wrote an article in the City Pages regarding the policy at CVS Corporation that allows pharmacists to refuse service to anyone they want on the basis of their "deeply held personal beliefs". Here is an excerpt of it;

A year ago, a rape victim in Denton, Texas, went to an Eckerd drugstore to fill a prescription for emergency contraception, sometimes known as the "morning after pill." When taken within 72 hours of intercourse, the drug prevents conception. At the counter of the drugstore, however, the woman got an unpleasant surprise: The pharmacist on duty, Gene Herr, declared that it was against his moral beliefs to dispense the drug.

Herr later told the Associated Press that he had refused to fill similar prescriptions five or six times in the past. But, Herr added, this was the first time he'd been handed such a prescription for a rape victim. "I went in the back room and briefly prayed about it," he explained. Apparently, God said no. Herr's two co-workers also refused to fill the prescription, and the rape victim was left to find another pharmacy.

The Eckerd employees involved in the Denton case were all eventually fired. However, the story doesn't end there. It turns out that the nation's largest pharmacy chain, the CVS Corporation, has instituted a policy tailor-made for employees like Herr. Under the rule, CVS pharmacists can refuse to fill prescriptions on the basis of "deeply held personal beliefs."

I dream of a time when the moral middle man will be cut out of the pharmaceutical world. When prescription drugs will be dispensed from vending machines like candy! I am sick of waiting in line for drugs anyway. If I can do all of my banking either on-line or at an ATM why not with my meds too, huh?

I am so outraged by CVS's policy that I am boycotting this company and I may even become an activist. This makes me want to go out and actually do something about it, to educate women about this. WHO'S WITH ME!!!...chirp chirp oh look a tumble weed...chirp chirp... Fine, I'll do it myself.

Ok, enough ranting. On the MS front, I feel fine today. Energy level is moderate. I'm going to start taking long walks on my lunch break, it will be interesting to see how that affects the fatigue, if at all.

Well this is just ghastly. You are not alone, I will definitely support the boycott of CVS.
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