Monday, February 14, 2005

My Funny Valentine 

Valentine's Day and my second Tysabri treatment successfully completed. Again I left feeling no different than when I came in although I didn't expect anything to change. Taking Kava Kava tea again helped me relax before the IV was inserted. I really wish I could take a sedative, the IV part causes me a great deal of anxiety. I can't take them because I drive myself to the clinic and afterwards I go straight in to work. It took a little longer than usual as the infusion room was very busy. I thought that in choosing a holiday I might have avoided other patients but I was wrong, wrong, wrong! The obnoxious obese woman was there again but thankfully she was a little more quiet than before. There was a scruffy looking older guy in the chair next to me which for some reason creeped me out. I don't like having this done with strange men around, gee I wonder why. I watched Lost in Translation, what a great movie.

I feel like I've been more fatigued lately. This past week and a half has been a wash of nothing but sleep, work, sleep and hang time with friends and more sleep. Oh yeah, I did get out for a short walk on Saturday with Coco. I felt good to be out in the sunshine even though the ground was a pure mucky sludge from the melting snow.

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